pcalcWelcome to A1’s Simple Protein Calculator. First select unit of measurement. Next, select your daily activity level. Last, adjust the slider to equal your body weight. The protein calculator will automatically approximate the total amount of protein you should consume each day for optimal results.

Please note the activity levels defined below:

  • Normal person (relatively inactive) – Sedentary most of the time. Individuals within this group do not require more than 0.36 grams of protein for every pound of body weight.
  • Intermediate athlete – a person that does at least 40 minutes of exercise four to five times each week is considered moderately active and should require an average of 0.54 grams of protein for every pound of body weight.
  • Serious Bodybuilder – athletes that are considered extremely active almost every day of the week, leading to a greater requirement for protein in order to initiate optimum levels of repair and re-growth (0.63 grams of protein per pound in women and 0.72 grams per pound in men).

Many medical practitioners recommend protein consumption as a means of building muscle mass which would in turn initiate weight loss, sources of protein are numerous ranging from skinless chicken breast to egg whites, nuts and various dairy products. The market is also saturated with healthy protein products for consumption which include many types of protein powders, bars and shakes.Articles-Ad-Protein

9 thoughts on “Simple Protein Calculator”

  1. Your calculator shows I should have 1 gram per pound of my body weight. The notes below say I should have .54 grams per pound.

  2. Either the text or the calculator is wrong. I enter 155 lbs and Intermediate athlete and the response is ‘Your protein intake equals 155 grams/day’. That is clearly 1 gram per pound, yet the text states ‘an average of 0.54 grams of protein for every pound of body weight’ for that activity level. That would yield 83.7 grams per day.

  3. Your definition says I should get .54 grams of protein per lb of weight but your calculator says for 160 lbs I should get 160 grams. Those two different numbers aren’t even close.

  4. Your calculator is wrong according to your article. 160 lbs for intermediate athlete should equal 86.4 grand of protein not 160…

  5. Either I’m missing something or you need to check your math. I fall somewhere between intermediate and serious. The calculator says I need nearly twice as much as the requirements in the article. The article suggests 0.54g per lb. but the calculator suggests 1g per lb. for intermediate and 1.5g per lb for advanced.

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