oceanbig.jpgChronic mood swings, continual fatigue and digestive troubles—these are just a few challenges that could be improved by a natural, internal cleanse. Cleansing at least four times a year can help relieve the body of its toxic load and rid itself of harmful environmental and dietary toxins.

Toxic-load can build up from exposure to air, water, processed food, skin care products and cosmetics laden with chemicals, and even leaching plastic water bottles. The result is that toxins accumulate in the body’s cells over a period of time, decreasing the function of major organs as well as the digestive system.

The purpose of cleansing is to remove this toxic load, increasing the efficiency of the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin to expel toxins from the body. Unloading toxins and cleansing the intestinal tract sets a healthy stage for reintroducing beneficial microflora in the digestive tract, which is vital to good health.”

Not all health-conscious consumers embrace cleansing due to fear of lifestyle interruptions and daily commitments. According to board certified gastroenterologist Dr. Joseph Brasco, author of Restoring Your Digestive Health, Garden of Life’s Perfect Cleanse is an ideal solution for his patients who wish to maintain daily routines without disruption.

“Perfect Cleanse is designed as a gentle, internal cleansing system that works in synergy with the body’s own detoxification system,” said Brasco. “It is formulated with natural botanicals and cracked wall chlorella, which has been widely studied for its ability to bind environmental toxins and to enhance normal liver function.”

Ideally, natural cleansers such as Perfect Cleanse offer the digestive tract a much-needed tune up by cleansing, capturing and removing toxins from the body. The first purification step supports the liver and helps with normal detoxification while the “capture” stage helps trap and bind toxins secreted through bile for transport from the body. The final “removal” stage sweeps the colon of accumulated waste and gently removes toxins in the digestive tract.

“For general health, everyone should cleanse with the seasons, or at least four times a year,” said Brasco. “Cleansing is mandatory for anyone with a health challenge who is looking to make a significant lifestyle change. This could be for anyone with chronic pain and fibromyalgia to someone battling with their weight.”

Combining an internal cleanse with the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables, cleansing soups such as chicken broth, and enzyme-rich fermented foods is also extremely beneficial to the detoxification process. Cleansing also works best when combined with some dietary modifications, especially increased hydration. Alcohol, dairy, caffeine, grains, sugar and processed foods should be minimized or eliminated during the cleansing period for optimal results.

Most health experts would agree that cleansing is recommended for almost everyone over the age of 18. Anyone with a gall bladder condition, irritable bowel disorder or recurrent diarrhea is advised to consult with a physician before embarking on any type of cleansing program.

“I caution some patients about cleansing, especially anyone with active Inflammatory Bowel Disease,” said Brasco. “They can benefit from a cleanse, but should seek medical supervision.”

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