She’s got answers! Brooke Wells continues her Q&A with some of your burning questions about training, nutrition and life! Don’t forget to show her some love as she prepares for the CrossFit Games in August!

1. How long did it take you to get ready (strength wise) for your first games? Was it years or did you only do CrossFit for a couple months before feeling strong and confident enough to go for it? 

I have always been pretty naturally strong. That was kind of my first sign that I knew I wanted to really pursue CrossFit! I did not feel ready to compete by myself in 2014 but had qualified for Regionals as an individual. So I went with a team that year and trained really hard to compete as an individual in 2015 and won my first Regional qualifying me for my first CrossFit Games!

2. What’s the most difficult imbalance/weakness/mobility issue you’ve spent the most effort on correcting or strengthening? 

Upper body pulling strength has been a weakness I have really tackled this year. However, it can be challenging because my elbows are very sensitive and I have to be careful about overusing them even though I want to work on those weaknesses as much as possible!

3. With all the hard work, what motivates you?

4. Most WODs completed in a 24 hour period? 

Hmm… I’m not really sure about that. I would say probably 6-7. But some are probably less taxing than others, and probably short ones.

5. What do you like to do OUTSIDE of training and school?

6. You’re looking super lean! What have you changed in your diet this year? Have you deliberately leaned down for performance benefits? 

I started working with Working Against Gravity, which is a nutrition company! I count my macros. Basically, I added a lot more carbs and who woulda guessed that could make you leaner! It’s important to understand that under-eating can also be a problem. Yes, I did not lean up for anything other than improving my performance!

7. How long were you training CrossFit before you feel like you’d mastered at least one rep of every movement? 

I would say the last thing for me to get was a muscle up and that took me at least a year to get!

8. What are some mental toughness cues and self talk help you get through a tough workout or learning a new skill? 

If I’m in a competition, I tell myself, “Push here, this is what you train so hard for.” If it’s in training I think, “Katrin wouldn’t rest right now!” When learning a new skill, I just have to remember to be patient.

9. What is your favorite dish to cook? 

Probably tacos! Super simple and super delicious.

10. Would you recommend consuming a protein shake before or after workouts? Also, how long until results begin to show for a semi-beginner for weight loss? Thanks, Brooke!! 

It depends! I typically try to eat a real meal before my first session of training but then I may drink one before my second session if I don’t want to eat again. Definitely consume a protein shake right after working out to restore your body! Everyone is different, but the most important thing to remember is that consistency is key!


A two-time individual CrossFit Games athlete, Brooke Wells won the 2015 Central Regional at age 19 in her first appearance. A year later, she took third in her region, but vaulted to the top of the Games with six top-five finishes and one event win.

A senior at University of Missouri, Wells is on track to graduate with a degree in business and plans to continue competiting in CrossFit in the future.

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