It feels like just yesterday you were able to shop online, pick up a pre-workout with DMAA and absolutely destroy workout after workout with endless energy and intensity. DMAA was a workhorse in many fan-favorites such as the OG Jack3d by USP Labs until the FDA cracked down and wiped DMAA out of consumers’ hands.

That left a large portion of the bodybuilding community saying, “Well, what’s next?”

Here is a short list of some alternatives:

1.    Higenamine (Norcoclaurine)
2.    Hordenine
3.    Caffeine
4.    Synephrine
5.    2-Aminoisoheptane (Octodrine)

In the case of this article, we will review Higenamine as it is the best-suited DMAA replacement for long-standing results.

Higenamine (Norcoclaurine)

Higenamine is a beta-adrenergic receptor agonist. In layman’s terms, it binds willingly to B2 receptors similar to the mechanisms of ephedrine. By binding to these receptors, Higenamine is able to ramp up focus and energy as well as promote bronchial dilation (anti-asthmatic) and vasodilation adding a dual benefit.

Bronchial and Vasodilation

This addition of bronchial and vasodilation is worth touching upon. Stimulants such as DMAA are notorious vasoconstrictors which mean they restrict blow flow. This is an obvious issue when it comes to working out where blood flow is extremely important. Higenamine will actually increase blood flow and open up the airways [1]. One added benefit for those who may have a hard time in the bedroom is Higenamine appears to be a potent sexual aid [2]. Through this beta-adrenergic mechanism, Higenamine promotes better and longer erections as shown in animal studies.  

Explosive Energy and Focus

Back to the energy portion. Higenamine may enhance the output of Acetylcholine and Dopamine. The increased release of acetylcholine may possess an added benefit in muscular output [6]. By jacking up the production of dopamine, users find a “zoned-in” feeling. It is this focus and intensity which drives the hype around Higenamine and why it is potent as a pre-workout supplement. If getting amped up and slamming PR’s is your mission, Higenamine better be in your arsenal. Normal doses as a standalone for pre-workout are commonly seen at 20-30mg by the bodybuilding community.

PRE-WORKOUT DOSE: 20-30MG 30 minutes before workout or fasted cardio.

Higenamine and Thermogenesis:

Higenamine has a significant amount of evidence backing its properties as a potent fat burner. Higenamine is thought to utilize specific enzymes and stimulating their chemical messenger activity involved in the metabolic process of lipolysis (fat burning) [3, 4, 5]. This ability to burn fat is on par with both DMAA and Ephedrine (both no longer available) potentially making it the best fat burning supplement currently on the market.

When taking Higenamine for fat loss:

Training Days:

Dose 1- 30mg upon waking before eating

Dose 2- 30mg Pre-Workout (or 6 hours after your first dose depending on when you work out)

Non-Training Days

Dose 1- 30mg upon waking before eating

Dose 2- 30mg six hours after your first dose/ before lunch

Note: First, as always, you will want to assess your tolerance by taking 20-30mg. These doses are based on current trends within the industry. Always consult a medical professional before using any dietary supplement. It is not recommended to use Higenamine with other stimulants.

Top Products for Higenamine:

If you are looking to fill your energy and fat burning cravings left by the DMAA ban, Higenamine is your best bet. There are a few top companies that have designed supplements around Higenamine but the best recommendation and fan favorite is SWFT Stim’s Higenamine. Every batch is analytically tested to ensure potency and quality, plus SWFT Stim’s products are manufactured in a GMP facility registered with the FDA. This is huge to guarantee high-quality products.

6.       Nojima H, Okazaki M, Kimura I. Counter effects of higenamine and coryneine, components of aconite root, on acetylcholine release from motor nerve terminal in mice. J Asian Nat Prod Res. (2000)

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