The deadlift, an exercise that is both loved and hated by many. There are people that seek out this exercise, enjoying the rush of lifting heavy iron, and just the same people who avoid this exercise because it truly puts the body through more strain than most other movements. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on we are going to tell you why the Deadlift may be the exercise you are missing that will unlock some new found growth.

Lets begin with the basics, what is it and what does it work. The Deadlift is as simple as it gets at its core, lift a barbell stacked with weights off the ground. Although that may seem simple there is a lot that goes into this movement which we will touch on next when discussing form. Realistically the deadlift is not only going to help with growth in the back, but will also work your legs and core. There are a lot of stabilizing muscle groups that get pulled into the deadlift which typically are neglected by most weight lifters who are not performing this exercise. This is also a reason as to why you can find new growth when doing this movement. In addition to the muscle growth and hypertrophy benefits when incorporating the deadlift, there are a ton of sports performance benefits with this exercise. Almost every sport can find benefit and typically almost all coaches have their athletes use this as a staple in training. The deadlift is a great tool to increase explosive movements from a hip hinge position, as well as finding stabilization and overall power in key positions from a sports perspective.Although that may seem pretty straight forward we want you to follow these guidelines when doing so to insure you will not fall victim to injury. First start with the concept of keeping your spine neutral at all times. What this means is your spine should be straight from the base of your skull down to your tail bone. Keeping that posture throughout the movement will keep your back safe and keep the focus on the muscle rather than placing too much pressure on your spine. Next we want you to focus your movement through your hamstrings and glutes. This is a common mistake new lifters make when attempting the deadlift other than rounding their lower back. Prior to starting the movement you should make sure you activate your hamstrings and gluten by flexing as you reach down to your starting position. Finally you want to take the slack out of your hamstrings keeping a bend in your knees and allow your legs to start the movement. As you move through the motion it should look like a fluid motion and chain of events moving from the bottom of the body to the top one muscle group activating after the other. Toward the top end of the lift remember push your hips forward to finish rather than focusing on leaning back with the weight. Again this is a safety measure and the correct cue for you to take instead of trying to topple yourself backwards.

If there is one thing we know here at Primeval Labs it is how to build muscle and increase performance. Lets lay out how you can incorporate the deadlift to not only increase strength but also build muscle size. First make sure you are fueled with the best so you can push through these tough workouts and maximize growth and performance. We suggest all workouts include either EAA Max or Intracell 7 as intra workout supplementation. Prior to training use a high quality pre workout Adrenal Rush v2 for maximum intensity and focus. Regarding your training of the deadlift, we suggest incorporating two deadlift workouts each week. One being high intensity, heavy load (90% of your 1 rep max), low repetition and the other being low to moderate intensity, 70% load (70% of your 1 rep max), high repetition. This will help to shock the central nervous system to handle more weight and also provide enough volume to trigger hypertrophy. A much more simple way to put all this would be on one day focus on 3-5 reps with heavy weights on your deadlift then on your other deadlift day do sets of 8 with less weight.Finally we want to mention accessory work. This is where the final piece to the puzzle is put together. Accessory work many times should be considered as important as your primary movements. What we suggest on both days is incorporating your volume accessory work after to compliment your deadlift. You want to use both pulling and rowing movements to strengthen your back from other angles. What we suggest is add 3 additional exercises to each back day making sure to be well rounded in your development and finally be sure to add core work at the end of each workout. Training your abs will be extremely beneficial as holding a heavy weight stable throughout your deadlift movement pattern requires a lot of abdominal strength so be sure to tie this in. We suggest your accessory movements be in the range of 8-12 repetitions and 3-4 sets of each.

Due to the taxing nature of the Deadlift, this goes especially for anyone new to the movement or training, be sure to maximize your recovery time between sessions. Make sure you are consuming quality nutrients, getting enough sleep, and do all you can to repair your Central Nervous System (CNS). We do recommend Bios3 Xanix especially during this type of intense rigorous exercise program. You will need the Humanoforte from it to aid your recovery each night and really dive deep into the CNS repair. This will ensure your R.E.M. sleep is at an all time high and your body does not wear down. As with all programs we put together train hard, eat lots of nutrient rich foods, and get quality sleep for optimal recovery and growth.

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