The weather is turning, ads for back to school are running rampant, and the realization that summer is over hits. Reality hits, now that summer is over, it’s finally time to get back on track; while everyone else is on the newest fad diet, you’re only interested in one thing:

Getting BIG AS F*CK!

Don’t let this be another bulk gone bad with inconsistency and lack of planning. Follow these steps to have a successful bulk and reap the most gains possible this fall!

Set Realistic Goals

Yes, you want to get big, but if you’re “skinny” right now, you’re not going to gain 50 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks and look like Arnold. By realistic goals, set something that is concrete and attainable in a given period of time. Your ultimate goal might be to look like The Governator, but it’s important to set short term goals to keep you on track.

So, focus on increasing your squat by 25 pounds or adding 2-4 pounds of lean muscle over the next 4 weeks. These small goals are critical to keeping you consistent.

Track Macros

To get big, you gotta eat BIG. This means eating in a surplus, so calculate your maintenance calories using any one of the calorie needs calculators on the ‘net and then add 300-500 calories to it. Then, record your weight each week and aim to gain 0.5-1 lb / week. If you’re not gaining, add another 100-200 calories, if you are gaining steadily keep the calories as they are.


Commitment is the most important part to successful bulking. You HAVE to make an iron-clad commitment to yourself that no matter what you WILL:

  • Never miss a workout
  • Strictly adhere to your macros
  • Get enough sleep (you’ll never see the gains you want to if you’re short-changing rest)

This is where so many people go wrong, failing to commit 100% to their goal. If your friends are out drinking and partying all night, sorry they can miss out on the gains, but for the next few weeks, you’re in full GET HUGE mode. No screwing around, PERIOD!

Which Supplements?!

Now that a plan is in place, it’s time to give you that extra edge you need to really make this the most effective, bad ass bulk man has ever witnessed. To do so as efficiently as possible, you’re going to need to use the best the industry has to offer in terms of prohormones and pre workouts.

    • Spartan Mass V2 or Cerberus

      These two prohormone stacks are the premier bulking agents in the Sparta lineup. Spartan Mass is ideal for the person tackling their first real bulk, while Cerberus is for the more seasoned prohormone bulker as it’s the most powerful triple hormone stack on the market.

    • Kraken

      To make gains, you’ve got to crush each and every workout, no reps left in the tank and no “saving yourself” for the next day. To be the best, you’ve got to give your best in the gym, and no other pre-workout on the market sets you up for success like Kraken does, the BEAST of all pre workouts!

What Next?

After your bulking/prohormone cycle has run its course, it’s time to dial back the intensity a bit, and let the body recover and grow after the previous few weeks of abuse you’ve put it through. To keep your gains and health in check, make sure you’re following proper post-cycle therapy with the premier PCT supplement on the market — Spartan PCT

Bonus tip: in a conscious effort to be at your utmost optimal state and retain the most gains, use an on-cycle therapy supplement [Spartan Shield] with your andro of choice and a proven natural anabolic [Laxo-50] with PCT to maximize all your efforts.

Now, go forth and conquer the BULK!

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